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Diverse lifestyle
100 videos
Timelapse and hyperlapse
100 videos
Climate change
100 videos

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COVID‑19 healthcare
100 photos
Distance learning
100 photos
Working from home
116  photos
Female athletes and competition
227 photos
AI and FutureTech
168 photos
LGBTQ lifestyle
100 photos

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Tell your stories in a voice that belongs to each of your unique and diverse audiences, with custom imagery and videos that drive change, and reflect life in its truest, most authentic form.

Project #ShowUS

Entirely captured by women and non‑binary photographers, this ground‑breaking image bank—a partnership between Getty Images, Dove, and Girlgaze—shatters beauty stereotypes by showing us as we are, not as others believe we should be. 

The Nosotros Collection

An initiative that aims to ensure better representation of the Latinx/Hispanic community in the visual landscape, using rich, carefully curated still and video content.

The Disability Collection

We partnered with Verizon Media and the National Disability Leadership Alliance to create a growing collection of images and videos that break stereotypes surrounding people living with disabilities.

The Disrupt Aging?  Collection

By releasing a collection of images and videos that portrays a more authentic picture of aging, Getty Images and AARP are helping to combat ageist biases and redefining what it means to get older.

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